Will the extra lines cause my brushcutter / trimmer to overload?
Brushcutter and Trimmers are designed to operate at maximum revs. Should it become apparent that the machine is labouring experiment with less cutters, for example, four instead of six. Both heads are capable of operating with only two cutters if necessary, but this defeats the purpose of multi-line heads. Alternatively a lighter gauge of line can be used say 3.0mm instead of 3.6 mm. There have been no overloading breakdowns reported since either head has been on the market.

What keeps the line inside the Head?
ALL the heads now use the "Cutting Cylinder Line Loading System" - the line is inserted through slots in the cutting cylinder and extended equally. As the line overlaps inside the head it is compressed and held securely by screwing the cutting cylinder into the base.The rotation of the brushcutter / trimmer further secures the line.

What is the difference between a straight shaft brushcutter and a bent shaft trimmer?
Straight shaft brushcutters tend to be robust machines used for heavier work. The shaft on the machine connects to the head via a gear box that positions the Head at the cutting angle also drive is via an internal shaft. Most trimmers for home use are bent shaft machines. The head is attached directly on to the end of the shaft and a bend in the shaft positions the head at the correct angle for cutting.

How long will a pack of the SuperCut line last?
Obviously it depends on the type of cutting performed. Cutting against hard surfaces - bricks and wire netting will cause faster wear. SuperCut heavy gauge line is a renowned performance line and has been adopted by NSW & QLD RTA + National Parks. These customers commonly get up to 12 months usage from one pack of line.

Are the heads easy to fit?
Yes. In many cases you do not need any tools at all.  Just unscrew one head and replace it with another.
The "adaptor bolt" commonly used to mount Original Line Cassette type Heads must always be removed. The CHAMP 5 & The CHAMP Jnr 2 must be "centred " on the  25mm riser  on the bearing cover plate. Easy-to-follow instructions are available for download for  The CHAMP 5 : The CHAMP Jnr 2 and TURBO 3.

Do your replacement heads fit my machine?
The CHAMP 5 & The CHAMP Jnr 2 are designed to fit ALL straight shaft brushcutters -  they mount on the same riser as a blade.
The TURBO 3 is provided custom threaded ( Make / Model is required when placing your Order.) A Make / Model Thread List for the TURBO 3 is available on the Web Site. If your machine is NOT listed please forward a threaded component (usually the Cap Screw ) and the thread will be "matched ".  


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